Create a Dashboard Report

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In a portfolio on the tab Dashboard Report, you can freely use widgets to visualise the portfolio in many ways. The resulting dashboard can be used for monitoring the portfolio and can be shared with stakeholders via the Principal Toolbox App (see Send the Dashboard Report to mobile devices of Stakeholders).


Create a Dashboard Report

Step 1. Navigate to a portfolio, to the tab Dashboard Report.

Step 2. Click pen-symbool02 and then plus-teken03 - donkerblauw to add widgets: 'empty' place holders are added to Dashboard Report.

Step 3. Click Choose your widget to determine each widget.

Step 4. Per widget click Configure to configure the widget. See Working with Widgets.

Step 5. Drag, drop and re-size the widgets on the page.

Step 6. When you're finished, Click Save.


Dashboard Report tab - juiste

The tab Dashboard Report


What you see on the tab Dashboard Report

1)Click plus-teken03 - donkerblauw to add widgets.

2)Click Choose your Widget to determine the type of widget.

3)Click Save or Cancel to save or cancel changes.