Reporting: Working with widgets

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The Principal Toolbox supports a variety of ways to present data, ranging from on screen lists, to on screen visuals, to tailor made reports in Excel or Word.


Widgets are available in many locations in the Principal Toolbox and can be used to present data directly, without having to run a report or opening a view. Widgets are easy to configure and refresh automatically. Widgets can be used for reports, but can also support specific processes and can be developed specifically for customers.



Widgets on a portfolio dashboard


Making widgets available on your screen 

On most locations where widgets are or can be made available, in the top bar you will see Edit Widgets (depending on your role). 

Step 1. Click Edit Widgets to define how many and which type of widget you want to show on your screen, a pop-up appears:


Edit the widget lay-out


Step 2. Check Show widgets to hide or show widgets.

Step 3. At Widget layout select the number of widgets you want to show.

Step 4. For each widget, select the appropriate type and click OK, the widgets will now be displayed on your page.

Step 5. Next, configure each widget:

Click Configure to configure the widget.

Click Filter to set the filter to be used.

Note that these options differ per widget; see the next topics for an explanation per type of widget.


The next topics cover all widgets, their configuration and where they are available.