Introduction to the Principal Toolbox 9.5 manual

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The Principal Toolbox offers a powerful set of tools for managing projects, programmes and portfolios. This manual will help you with how to use the Principal Toolbox. The manual contains help on using your Home Page and on using the basic functions, and also contains all relevant use cases of all functional modules and the Principal Toolbox app.



Download the manual as a PDF file

You can download the complete manual as a PDF file: Manual Principal Toolbox 9.5. The manuals of earlier releases of the Principal Toolbox are available as PDF files below:

Manual Principal Toolbox 9.0 (PDF)

Manual Principal Toolbox 8.0 (PDF)

Manual Principal Toolbox 7.5 (PDF)

Manual Principal Toolbox 7.0 (PDF)

Manual Principal Toolbox 6.5 (PDF)

Manual Principal Toolbox 6.0 (PDF)

Manual Principal Toolbox 5.5 (PDF)



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What you can find in this manual

The Home Page: this section explains how you can customise and use your Home Page,

Basic Functions: this section is a must read! It explains many generic functions that you will find throughout the Principal Toolbox

Working with Organisational units: this section explains how to create, configure, move or archive organisational units. It also explains the use of models.

Working with Portfolio Management: this section explains all aspects of  the Portfolio Management function.

Working with Project Management: this section explains all aspects of  the Project Management function, including working with the generic project, the single sheet project and the Agile project.

Working with Resource Management: this section explains all aspects of  the Resource Management function.

Working with Time Entry: this section explains all aspects of  the Time Entry function.

Working with Ideas: this section explains how to create ideas and how to start an initiative from an idea.

Working with Benefits: this section contains an introduction to the Benefits function.

Working with the Principal Toolbox App: this section explains how to find, configure and use the app for reporting and time entry