View or edit plan-item data

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As a Project Manager or a Product Owner it is possible to view or edit plan-item data. This can be done in two ways.



1.Click on the name of the plan-item, and in the pop-up click pen-symbool02. Edit the data of the Plan-item.


A plan item details page


2.Add the columns needed in the Gantt by clicking clip0307 and select Column. See also Working with views. Click pen-symbool02 and fill in the data of the plan item. Note that the screen width is adjustable by clicking on the edge between the Gantt and the plan item columns.



Required fields (e.g. on the tab Properties or on a log-item-page) are marked with a *. Pages with required fields on them can only be saved when those fields have been entered.


Note: The behavior of planning fields in the plan-item data can depend on other fields.

The fields 'Start Actual', 'Final Actual' and 'Percentage Complete' can be set manually.  However, when a value is entered at 'Percentage Complete' the system will set 'Start Actual' to today if no value had been entered. When the value entered is 100% the system will set 'Final Actual' to today.
When the check boxes for Start ('Start status') or Final ('Final status') are checked, respectively the fields 'Start Actual' or 'Final Actual' are set to today.

If no date was entered at 'Start Actual', checking 'Final Status' will set 'Start Actual' to today and check the box of 'Start status' as well.