Use views for viewing or editing data

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Views basically are tables showing a set of fields on a list of items. Views can be found and used throughout the Principal Toolbox, e.g. on your Home Page, in Dashboards, in Folders, in Logs, and in the section Reports.


Using views for viewing data

Views exist on objects in Principal Toolbox, e.g. on portfolio-items, on projects or on issues or actions. Wherever views are available you can quickly find and select predefined views by clicking on the view name, and then clicking in the drop-down list that appears. In this way you can quickly select and switch between views to view relevant information.



Navigate to predefined views by clicking on the view name


You can create ad hoc views to view other information then available in the predefined views. See Create a View: set columns, and Create a View: set a filter.


Using views for editing data

Depending on your role, and depending on the configuration, on your Home Page, in Dashboards and in Logs you can edit data directly in a view.


If your role allows it, and if the view contains data that is configured to be editable on the present location, the top of a view will show the pen-symbool03 - lichtblauw icon. Click pen-symbool03 - lichtblauw to switch to edit mode, edit the data in the view and click Save.



A view with editable fields will show the pen-symbool03 - lichtblauw icon



A view in edit mode will show which fields are editable by you