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The Treemap widget is available at programmes, folders and portfolios. It visualises project values grouped by different options in nested rectangles.


The Treemap widget


Configuring the Treemap widget 

1. Click Configurea pop-up appears:


Dialogue Configure Treemap


2. Set the name of the Treemap.

3. Select the field to distribute the Treemap by (e.g. Budget, Actual, KPI-score, etc.).

4. Select the field to group the Treemap by (e.g. Strategic Goal, Business Unit, Status, etc.).

5. Select the colours of the Treemap: fixed, random or based on a field.

6. When the colour is set to be based on a field, select this field (Status, Technology risk rate, etc.).

7. Optionally select a field to be shown in the widget as a field to filter on.

8. Choose what should be shown in the Treemap: Label, Values, Total, etc.

9. Click OK to save the configuration.