Starting a Project from an Initiative

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It is possible to start a project from an initiative. By applying a Project Model an initiative is transformed into a project.


Starting a project from an initiative

Step 1. Navigate to a portfolio and click on the name of the initiative to open the details page.

Step 2. On the top of that page click Start Project, a dialogue box appears:

start project from initiative dialog


Step 3. Enter the details:

Create: check the option Project to create a project.

Start Date: moves the planning in the Project Model (if available) to this date.

Organisational Unit: select the Organisational Unit in which to start the project.

Folder: select the Folder (within the selected Organisational Unit) in which to start the project.

Project Model: select the Project Model to be used for the project.

Project Managers: select the Project Manager for the project.


Note: See Creating or moving models to see the details of which models are available at selection and how to change this if necessary.


Step 4. Click OK, the project is created and appears in the designated Folder.