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This topic describes several ways of navigating the Principal Toolbox.


Navigate using the Home Page

For information on how to use your Home Page for navigation, see The Home Page.


Navigate with the drop-down list in the top bar

You can also navigate using the drop-down list in the top bar. With this drop-down list you can navigate through the hierarchy that is configured in your Principal Toolbox. This hierarchy will often resemble your organizational structure. In the example below the drop-down is used to navigate to the resourcepool "A&I Operations".


Navigation with the drop-down list in the top bar


Navigate with the breadcrumb trail

The top bar will always show the ‘breadcrumb trail’ that leads to your current location in the Principal Toolbox. You can click in the breadcrumb trail and so use it for navigation. If the trail is long, hover over a position in the trail to display the full name of that location. The breadcrumb trail leads back only to the level of the first above organisational unit.


breadcrumb trail

Example of the breadcrumb trail


Navigate with Quick Search

You can use the Search box in the top bar to find portfolio's, portfolio-items, folder, projects, programmes, plan-items and more. Click on Search to show a drop-down that contains two sections: Search and Recent Locations. Enter a minimum of 3 characters to get search results that match your (partial) description; the dialogue will show up to 10 of all of the matching results. The drop-down will also show up to 10 of your recently visited locations in the Principal Toolbox. Navigate by clicking a name in the drop-down.


search box

Using the Search box to navigate