Managing Views

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Users and administrators can define views in various places in the Principal Toolbox (e.g. Home Page, Project, Log), and as different types (Personal, Local, Global). With the Manage Views option you can manage these views.


Managing views

Step 1. Navigate to a page with views, click View, then click Manage Views, a pop-up appears:

The pop-up Manage Views


The pop-up Manage Views shows an overview of all available views on this location, grouped by type:

Personal Views: only the creator (you) can use and adapt these views.

Local Views: views visible for everyone with a role on 'this' location (where you clicked Manage Views); can be adapted by users with the role Administrators and Manager.

Global Views: visible to all users everywhere; can be adapted only by administrators.

Built-in Views: predefined views that can not be adapted


Step 2. In this pop-up select a view and click Remove to delete the view, or click Export to export it as a *.ptv file. You can also use this page for importing views. In the section Personal Views you can import a view by clicking Import and selecting the appropriate file. View can only be imported as personal view, but of course you can edit the properties of a view.

Step 3. To edit the properties of a view, click the Name of the view, a pop-up appears:
Pop-up View Details

Step 4. In the pop-up click pen-symbool02 to enter the edit mode. Now you can change the name and type of the view and you can hide it from the drop-down list. When you are done, click Save.
Note: typically views used in Automated Reports are hidden, in order to keep the drop-down list clean and usable.