Project Map (Geo)

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The Project Map (Geo) widget is available at programmes and folders only. It shows projects on a map based on their GPS location. The GPS location can also be added by dragging project markers to the map.


The Project Map widget


Configuring the Project map (Geo) widget

1. Click Configurea pop-up appears. 


Dialogue Configure Project Map


2. Set the name of the Project Map.

3. Select the project location field.
    Note: ask your administrator which field to use!

4. Select the marker colour (single colour of based on a field).

5. If the colour is set to be based on a field, select the field (status, benefit status, etc.).

6. Select the view: use a saved default view or zoom to show all projects.

7. Optionally select fields to be available as filters in the widget.

8. Click OK to save the configuration.