Start, Move or Archive a Programme

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It is possible to move a programme to another folder or to the archive. Depending on your configuration it is also possible to start a programme in a folder; programmes started in a folder will have no reference to a portfolio.


Start a programme from a folder

Step 1. Navigate to the folder, to the section Programmes, click plus-teken02, a dialogue box appears:

dialog start programme form folder

Dialogue start programme from a folder


Step 2. Enter the details:

Name: the name of the programme

Description: a description of the programme

Managers: the programme manager

Programme Model: select the Programme Model to be used for the programme.

Step 3. Click OK, the programme is created and appears in the folder.


Move a programme from folder to folder

See Moving Items.


Archive a programme

See Working with the Archive.

Note: Programmes have to be archived in a folder separately from archiving in the portfolio. This is because archiving in a folder or portfolio is usually done form a different perspective.