Bubble Chart

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The bubble chart widget is available at programmes, folders and portfolios. It visualises projects weighted to different axes. Additionally, the size of the bubbles can be used for indication of impact.



The Bubble Chart widget


Configuring the bubble chart


1. Click Configurea pop-up appears:

dialog configure bubble chart

Dialogue Configure Bubble Chart


2. Enter the name of the chart.

3. Optionally, set a filter for a field. This field will be shown in the widget.

4. Choose whether or not bubbles with the same value should be slightly moved so all of them are visible.

5. Choose whether the legend should be visible.

6. Choose a field for the X-axis and set the range (either dynamic or fixed), also set a highlight value.

7. Choose a field for the Y-axis and set the range (either dynamic or fixed), also set a highlight value.

8. Choose a field for the bubble size and set the bubble color to random, or to a specific field.

9. Click OK to save the configuration.


Note: When the chart does not show the appropriate values but shows the internal data values (often these are 1;2;3;4 etc.) this could be due to configuration of the used fields - please contact your administrator. Your administrator can fix this by changing the internal data values to text or by using a new field with a calculation that maps the data values back to text values. Fortes consultants can help with this calculation.